HIST 509

L A T I N    P A L A E O G R A P H Y

for Medieval and Early Modern European History

The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic elements of medieval Latin (and also vernacular) palaeography and manuscripts to enable a research student to work with primary sources in their ‘original’ form.

The course will comprise two elements:

·        a chronological survey of the development of Latin handwriting in the Middle Ages, including a ‘week-by-week’ examination of the most important scripts (with an emphasis on those relevant to British history);

·        an introduction to other aspects of medieval manuscript studies, such as illumination and codicology. 

This www page contains the Course Outline,  links to Some Online Resources  and a Bibliography of relevant books held in Bilkent Library.


Course Outline

·        Introduction: Some Basic Palaeographical Principles and Concepts

·        Behind the Words: Abbreviations, Punctuation, and Numerals (plus a glance at ‘Record Type’)

·        The Origins of Medieval Palaeography: Roman Scripts

·        The Early Middle Ages: Insular and Continental ‘National’ Scripts

·        Later Insular Devlopments: Late Anglo-Saxon and Medieval/Early Modern Irish Scripts

·        Codicology: The Manuscript and its Makeup

·        Caroline Minuscule

·        Early/Proto-Gothic Scripts

·        Gothic Textualis Scripts: ‘Black Letter’

·        Manuscript Illumination (esp. illuminated capitals)

·        Gothic Cursive Documentary Scripts: Anglicana Documentaria

·        Gothic Cursive Book Scripts I: Anglicana Formata or Court Hand

·        Gothic Cursive Book Scripts II: Secretary Hand

·        Humanistic and Italic Scripts

 Some Online Resources: Tutorials and E-Books (links last checked 10 Jan. 07)

·        Arrighi, Ludovico degli, La Operina (1522): introduction to Italic script.

·        Cappelli, Adriano, Lexicon Abbreviaturarum (Leipzig, 1928): scanned images of the German translation.

·        Cours de paléographie: mostly (very) late medieval and early modern in scope.

·        Dave Postle’s Palaeography Tutorial: a great interactive site.

·        Digital Scriptorium

·        Ductus: demo version of commercial palaeography software.

·        English Handwriting 1500-1700: An Online Course: hosted by the Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service.

·        Exercises in Latin Palaeography: English version of Italian web-site.

·        Lector - Transkription von mittelalterlichen Quellentexten computergestützt üben: pdf file.

·        Lindsay, W. M., Notae Latinae (Cambridge, 1915): scanned images can be downloaded in various formats, inc. pdf.

·        Manuscript Studies: Medieval and Early Modern: homepage for a course at University of Alberta, Canada.

·        Medieval Writing: excellent links section as well as palaeography exercises.

·        Muñoz y Rivero, Jesús, Manual de paleografía diplomatica española de los siglos XII al XVII (1889)

·        Paléographie & manuscrits en ligne

·        Palaeography: Reading Old Handwriting 1500 – 1800: A practical online tutorial from the National Archives, UK.

·        Paläographisches Lesetraining für lateinische Schriften des 5. – 20. Jahrhunderts: German site by Thomas Frenz, Universität Passau.

·        ScottishHandwriting.com: Early modern palaeography based on MSS from Scotland.

·        Steffens, Franz, Paléographie latine (Paris, 1910): pdf files of French translation of his Lateinische Paläographie.

·        Thompson, Edward Maunde, An Introduction to Greek and Latin Palaeography (1912)

·        Vocabulaire codicologique: Explanations of terms used in codicology.

Bibliography: Relevant Books held in Bilkent Library

·        Alexander, J. J. G., Medieval Illuminators and their Methods of Work (1992)

·        Avrin, Leila, Scribes, Script and Books: The Book Arts from Antiquity to the Renaissance (1991)

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